The Five Cheapest Cities To Start A Business In And Why


If you have decided to start your own business then, you may be wondering where to have your office. The obvious place to start a business is London, as the capital is the biggest business hub in the UK. It takes a lot of initial money to start a business in London and few people can afford to do it.

If your finances are tight to begin with then, you need a place where you can start a business and still save money on the important things. Property prices, travel costs and service costs will drive up the price of you starting your own business. Make sure that you opt for a city where you can save money on the small things, so that you can make more money in the long-run. Here are the five cheapest cities to start a business in and why.

1. Londonderry

Many people overlook Northern Ireland when looking for a place to start their business. Since so few people choose to start a business in the area, NI has become competitive on office space and property prices. You can get a cheap office in Londonderry (often referred to as Derry) for a third of London prices. Basing your business in Northern Ireland means that you have access to the Republic of Ireland as well as the UK. This access means you can look for cheaper services from Ireland for your business.

2. Norwich

Norwich is the ideal place to start a business as the property in the region is cheap. Office spaces in the area let from much lower prices than in the rest of the country and so you can save yourself a lot of money on rent. The cheap rent means you don’t have to have your offices on the outskirts of the city. Instead, you can let a perfect space right in the centre. Take a look at estate agents in Norwich centre, and you will see just how reasonable the property is there. Being in the centre means more employees will be able to commute to the office.

3. Edinburgh

There are two great reasons to start a business in Edinburgh. First of all, Edinburgh has the fastest internet in the UK. A super fast internet connection means that your company will save money and time on online transactions. The second reason to start a business in Edinburgh is that it has as many businesses as London. It doesn’t cost as much to start a business in Edinburgh as it does in London. Despite this, Edinburgh does cost more than the average city, but it is also much bigger than the average city.

4. Dublin

The Republic of Ireland has lower business tax than anywhere else in the region. Moving your business to Dublin could save you a lot of money in tax. Many big corporations have their offices based in Ireland so that they can save money. If you can afford Irish property prices, which are a little more expensive than UK prices, you can make your money back and more in tax. Dublin is a thriving city, so having a business in the city will help you win clients.

5. Scarborough

If you are importing and exporting goods then you should set up your business near a major port. Scarborough is a great place to set up a business of this nature as the rent is cheap, and you are right next to a port. Many ships and delivery services will deliver to Scarborough port. So having your business there will mean you won’t have to pay any extra charges for getting your products delivered to you.


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